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100+ Fun Truth or Dare Questions for Kids


Truth or dare? That is the question! Looking to put a fun and unusual spin on family game night? Truth or Dare is a perfectly suitable game to play with your family, and unlike a single board game, it will bring many, many hours of laughter and enjoyment! With a nearly unlimited number of questions to ask or dares to do, not a single game will ever be like another!

How to Play Truth or Dare

It’s a game that most everyone is familiar with, so let’s just briefly go over the rules for the family-style game:

  1. Youngest player starts off first by choosing a player to ask “truth or dare?”
  2. If “truth” is chosen, the player comes up with a question that they want to know about the other player and the other player must answer honestly.
  3. If “dare” is chosen, the player must “dare” the person to do something silly, hard, or just out of the ordinary.
  4. If the player chooses not to answer “truth” honestly, or refuses to do a dare, they must suffer a “consequence” which can be an alternative action chosen at the beginning of the game. Examples include holding your breath for 20 seconds, standing on your head for 20 seconds, or eating a raw vegetable.
  5. Continue with the next player until everyone has had at least 1 turn. Obviously, the longer the game, the more fun you and your family will have!

You get the drift! It’s meant to be fun and light-hearted, a time to create happy memories and fill your evening with laughter.


I Dare You To…

  1. Crack an egg over your head.
  2. Attempt to do 10 pushups.
  3. Eat a plate of (dinner, dessert, whatever) with no hands.
  4. Crabwalk across the room.
  5. Army crawl across the room.
  6. Stand on your hands.
  7. Fetch (item of choice in another room) with a blindfold on.
  8. Eat a spoonful of sugar.
  9. Eat a spoonful of hot sauce.
  10. Eat a hot pepper.
  11. Do your best Buzz Lightyear impression.
  12. Do your best Mickey Mouse impression.
  13. Do your best lion roar.
  14. Do your best Batman impression.
  15. Do your best Disney princess impression.
  16. Attempt a cartwheel.
  17. Make up a poem aloud.
  18. Dump a cup of ice water over your head.
  19. Prank call Grandma.
  20. Attempt to slip on a banana peel (or pretend to).
  21. Make a really silly face and take a selfie.
  22. Draw a picture of (you pick) while blindfolded.
  23. Take off your socks with a pair of tongs.
  24. Run around the outside of the house three times.
  25. Act like a cat.
  26. Act like a monkey.
  27. Chug a cup of (milk, water, juice, etc.).
  28. Touch your nose with your tongue.
  29. Juggle eggs (outside.)
  30. Stick a spoon on your nose and keep it there as long a possible.
  31. Sing the ABCs backward.
  32. Spin in circles for 10 seconds.
  33. Text someone using only your nose.
  34. Pop a balloon without using your hands or your teeth.
  35. Suck an ice cube until melted without chewing (or a couple of ice cubes at the same time if they are small).
  36. Hold an ice cube in your hand until it melts.
  37. Go outside and yell “Happy New Year!
  38. Eat a clove or a spoonful of minced garlic.
  39. Sniff the pepper shaker..
  40. Do your makeup in 10 seconds (eye shadow, blush, and lipstick).
  41. Sniff (choice person)’s shoe.
  42. Do the chicken dance.
  43. Do the macarena silently until it is your turn again.
  44. Go ask the neighbor for a cup of sugar.
  45. Wear your shoes on your hands for the next 5 minutes.
  46. Spin 10 times and try to do hopscotch.
  47. Spin 10 times and try to skip rope.
  48. Do the disco.
  49. Stuff as many marshmallows (or grapes, donut holes, etc.) into your mouth as you can!
  50. Use the driveway as a catwalk for five minutes, while giving the model wave to any passing cars or people.
  51. Wear underwear on your head for the rest of the game.
  52. Draw a mustache on yourself without a mirror.
  53. Switch clothes with someone.
  54. Try to dress the family pet.
  55. Stack five cookies on your forehead. (Oreos work great!)
  56. Do the Hokey Pokey without singing it.
  57. Go outside and yell “I pick my nose!” to the first person you see.
  58. Finish every sentence with the words “while I dance” or “with a cherry on top.” (Or whatever silly thing you can think of!)
  59. Belt out a song of choice.
  60. Let someone tickle you for 30 seconds.
  61. Let someone fix your hair the way they want and leave it that way.
  62. Have a full conversation with a broom.
  63. Sing what you have to say instead of talking.
  64. Try to catch three pieces of small food tossed by someone in your mouth (popcorn, grapes, etc.).
  65. Use a hairbrush as a microphone.
  66. Talk in the third person.
  67. Talk in a high-pitched voice.
  68. Be a commentator for the remainder of the game.
  69. Pretend to be T-Rex.
  70. Talk and act like a robot.
  71. Jump into the pool or submerge yourself in the bathtub fully clothed.
  72. Keep your finger on the tip of your nose as if it’s stuck there.
  73. Stop blinking for 30 seconds.
  74. Talk without moving your lips.
  75. Skip everywhere you go instead of walking or running.
  76. Start every sentence with “what is…”.
  77. Jump while holding a cup full of water above your head without spilling it.
  78. Remove one sock and shoe so that one foot is bare for the rest of the game.
  79. Take a bite of a sandwich made by everyone that contains whatever they desire, and try to guess each ingredient on the sandwich.
  80. Bob for an apple. (Large mixing bowl full of water works well!)
  81. Snort excessively when laughing.
  82. Pretend to have chicken pox by sticking round labels all over yourself.
  83. Talk and act like a cowboy or cowgirl.
  84. Get wrapped from head to toe in toilet paper.
  85. Make a face mask out of sliced cheese.
  86. Walk backwards wherever you go.
  87. Put all clothes on inside out.
  88. Put all clothes on backwards.
  89. Take your age, reverse the numbers, and act that age. (If player is only a single digit, just add a 0 to their age. Example: player is 8, so they must act 80.)
  90. Smell everyone’s breath and guess what they ate last.
  91. Talk with your tongue sticking out.
  92. Talk while holding your tongue with your index finger and thumb.
  93. Put your leg behind your head.
  94. Draw a stickman on paper by holding the writing utensil in your mouth.
  95. Go outside and howl at the moon. (If it’s dark outside).
  96. Do jumping jacks until your next turn.
  97. Do the cha cha until your next turn.
  98. Tie your shoes together and try not to forget!
  99. Hug your mailbox (or a tree or lawn ornament) for 20 seconds.
  100. Take a wet willy.
  101. Eat a huge spoonful of peanut butter and sing the ABCs.
  102. Play fetch like a dog, running on all fours and using only your mouth to fetch.
  103. Take a bite out of a stick of butter.
  104. Put ice cubes down your shirt, with shirt tucked in.
  105. Act like a chicken.

With all of these fun and different dares for kids, it’s important to note that some of them require a little setup beforehand if you plan on using them, so be sure to only pick ones that you are able to acquire the proper supplies for!

For even more ideas, check out 100+ Embarrassing Dares for Truth or Dare.

Tip: Don’t forget the tablecloth! It doesn't hurt to line the floor with a disposable tablecloth to catch anything messy!


Truth Questions for Kids and Parents

  1. When was the last time you cleaned your room?
  2. Is there a mess under your bed?
  3. Is there a mess in your closet?
  4. Have you ever snuck a snack?
  5. Have you ever said you finished your dinner when you really didn’t?
  6. Have you ever cheated on a test?
  7. Have you had your first kiss?
  8. Do you have a crush on anyone?
  9. What would you do with $1,000?
  10. If you could be any celebrity, who would you be and why?
  11. Have you ever faked a sickness to stay home from school?
  12. Have you ever used your lunch money for something other than lunch?
  13. Have you ever watched a movie or TV show that you know you’re not allowed?
  14. What are some ways you cheat on chores?
  15. What is the least favorite gift you’ve ever received?
  16. Are you afraid of the dark?
  17. Do you have any secrets?
  18. Do you keep a diary/journal?
  19. Is there anything that you would change about yourself?
  20. What is your biggest fear?
  21. Have you ever skipped school?
  22. What is your worst habit?
  23. Have you ever lied about your age?
  24. Have you ever lied to me?
  25. Do you bite your nails?
  26. Do you pick your nose?
  27. Have you ever peed in a pool?
  28. What is the grossest thing you've done today?
  29. When was the last time you flossed your teeth?
  30. Which would you rather have for dinner, fast-food or Mom's home cooking?
  31. Have you ever cried during a movie? If so, which one?
  32. Do you still enjoy Blues Clues?
  33. What is something you wish you were better at?
  34. Have you ever broken something and blamed someone else?
  35. When was the last time you did something nice for someone else?
  36. What is your favorite meal Mom makes?
  37. Have you ever peeked at Christmas presents early?
  38. Have you ever eaten a bug?
  39. Do you pick scabs?
  40. Have you ever passed gas and blamed someone else?

And if you want even more questions to ask, check out 100+ Embarrassing Truth or Dare Questions to Ask Your Friends!

So there you have it! A full list of truth questions and fun dares for kids parents alike! If you think you know your family well now, think again and enjoy your family game night!

Kids Play Truth or Dare!


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