Slumber Party Activities

Updated on January 20, 2020
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Sarah is a certified yoga teacher and artist who believes in the importance of holistic wellness.

Sleepover Fun!

When I was little, slumber parties were one of my favorite activities. This meant great snacks, movies, pillow fights, and staying up late with my best friends. There is something quite special about putting on your best pajamas and curling up in blankets after dark.

Hosting a slumber party for your own child may seem overwhelming at first but is actually pretty easy. All that is needed is a trip to the grocery store and some time preparing the house for fun activities. If you do that and follow the tips provided, everyone, including yourself, will have a great time—lasting memories are a definite. Remember, slumber parties are not just for kids! Having an adult slumber party is a great way to de-stress and take a break from our daily lives and routines.

Game and Activity Ideas for a Slumber Party

Preplanned games are a great way to keep your kids entertained. If something seems boring or gets too complicated don't be afraid to skip it and go on to the next activity. Just make sure you have several potential things to do lined up just in case something fails. On the other hand if the children really get into something, great! If a fancy craft seems to be too much, there is always dancing to oldies, limbo, and sharing ghost stories.

Set Up a Photo Booth With Dress Up Items

Have a photo-shoot by setting up a photo booth wall! Hang a curtain for a nice simple background. Have props and dress up items available such as hats, beaded necklaces, empty picture frames, and feather boas. Print out pictures of everyone and send the photographs home with the children the next day as party favors.

Create Messages in a Balloon That Are Popped at Certain Times

Put a note inside each balloon and label it with the hours until bedtime. Pop the balloon when the hour arrives and do whatever the message says. This could be baking cookies, playing a board game, painting nails, a movie etc. This gives the party a sense of excited anticipation and surprise as each new activity is revealed. It also spaces them out nicely so that kids are busy the entire night.

Create Glowing Balloons

Speaking of about glowing neon balloons to brighten up your slumber party! These luminous globes will turn the evening into a magical experience. Simply put a glow stick in the balloon before you blow it up. Easy!

DIY Embellished Shoes


This crafty project is a ton of fun and a creative way to keep kids busy. Ask each child to bring an old pair of shoes that they don't care about (or buy cheap ones from a thrift store). Supply different kinds of small adornments and plenty of glue. You can use beads, buttons, old jewelry, and sequins. Think shiny and sparkly! Be sure to spread out newspaper or an old sheet out for the kids to work on.

Build a Fort

No one is ever to old for building forts! Making a special place to sleep is fun and easy. Supply your guests with plenty of blankets, sheets, pillows, and stuffed animal friends. Let them get creative and see what they can make! Add a little something special with string lights.

Create an Easy Breakfast

For a quick and easy way to feed everyone breakfast in the morning, have individual breakfast cereal boxes. Be sure to keep in mind that some kids may have certain food allergies. If this is the case speak to the child's parents before hand to see what will be suitable for the child to eat. Use colorful plastic spoons and add each childs name to them for a special touch. Other easy breakfasts include donuts, bagels and cream cheese, and fresh fruit.

Tips and Tricks

  • Tell everyone to bring their own sleeping back and pillow but have back up pillows and blankets just in case
  • Avoid truth or dare, this game can make some guests feel uncomfortable and the dares may be too outrageous
  • In case of emergency, collect contact information
  • Move furniture around to create the most space
  • Remove anything that can be easily knocked over or broken
  • Send thank you cards to everyone after the party

Have you ever hosted a slumber party?

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