The Complete Lego Pirate Ship Collector's Guide

Updated on December 13, 2017
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Jason Ponic works in the exciting world of Hollywood film and television by day and writes by night.

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Childhood Memories

Who here played with Legos as a kid? Who here still plays with Legos? The pirate ship Lego sets were unquestionably my most favorite of all. My brother and I played for hours. Building them was half the fun, the rest was posing and staging epic sea battles that would leave ships in ruins and lego pieces scattered across the living room floor.

Little did we know that in fifteen or so years, those very lego ships we destroyed over and over again would actually be worth something today. For those of you wishing to reclaim a piece of your childhood. Here is a complete guide to every Lego pirate ship ever made and where you might find one again!

Value and Condition Legend

While some sets are marked higher, the values in this guide are based on SUCCESSFUL eBay listings.

Unopened Condition: Any set that is still in its factory sealed box

Assembled Condition: Any set that has been assembled, complete or incomplete, and is being sold as an assembled unit or partially assembled unit.

The Black Seas Barracuda:  The Original Pirate Ship!
The Black Seas Barracuda: The Original Pirate Ship!

6285-1 Black Seas Barracuda

Series: Pirate
Original Release: 1989
ReRelease: 2002 as 10040-1
Original Price: $110.00

Current Value
Unopened Condition: $150-$400
Assembled Condition: $50-$120

One of four in the 1989 series, the Black Seas Barracuda was the first large pirate ship released by Lego. It had 8 minifigs and 909 pieces. It was the only pirate ship to not feature skull and crossbones sails. Solidly designed with no flaws, it was released in 2002 as part of the Legends Series and is currently one of the collected sets.

 Caribbean Clipper:  Tiny and Blue
Caribbean Clipper: Tiny and Blue

6274-1 Caribbean Clipper

Series: Pirate
Original Release: 1989
Original Price: $54.00

Current Value
Unopened Condition: $175.00-$350.00
Assembled Condition: $26.00-$120.00(with box)

The smaller of the two 1989 pirate ships, this small clipper is a good seller on eBay. Like the Black Seas Barracuda, this ship was designed without the 'traditional' pirate theme in mind. It does not feature a cabin and includes two cannons to the traditional one for Lego ships of this size. It is 378 pieces and comes with four minifigs.

Imperial Flagship
Imperial Flagship

6271 - Imperial Flagship

Series: Armada
Original Release: 1992
Original Price: $50.00

Current Value
Unopened: $100.00-$120.00
Assembled: $65.00-$100.00

The first of the non-pirate ships to be release by lego, the Imperial Flagship was crewed by four minifig redcoats. Made from 317 pieces, this good guy ship was all that stood in the way of the mighty Skull Eye Schooner and total dominance!

Skull's Eye Schooner:  Six sails and six cannons!
Skull's Eye Schooner: Six sails and six cannons!

6286 - Skull's Eye Schooner

Series: Pirate
Original Release: 1993
Original Price: $126.50

Current Value
Unopened Condition: $200-$400.00
Assembled Condition: $137.00-$185.00

Considered the greatest pirate ship ever released by Lego. The Skull's Eye Schooner had everything you could ask for. At 912 pieces, it is considerably larger than most of the sets. It came with six cannons, a complete captain's cabin and nine minifigs. Since this set has never been re-released, it is one of the most desirable sets in existence.

Renegade Runner:  My first pirate ship!
Renegade Runner: My first pirate ship!

6289 - Renegade Runner

Series: Pirate
Original Release: 1993
Original Price: $39.75

Current Value
Unopened Condition: $75.00-$150.00
Assembled Condition: $27.00-$50.00

Released alongside the Skull's Eye Schooner, the Renegade Runner was less than praised originally. It lacked many of the perks previous sets offered such as a ship's wheel and captain's captain. It was, however, the cheapest of the pirate sets. Made of only 178 pieces and it came with four minifigs.

Red Beard Runner
Red Beard Runner

6289 - Red Beard Runner

Series: Pirate
Original Release: 1997
Re-Release: 2009
Original Price: $99.99

Current Value
Unopened: $86.00-$150.00
Assembled: $20.00-$120.00

This ship was loaded with hitting features and the first to have "damageable" parts. The foremast can collapse at the pulling of a lever and the rear cabin can completely collapse, sending whomever is standing at the ship's wheel into the ocean below. It's sails were also drawable, allowing them to raise and lower like real sales.

Cross Bone Clipper
Cross Bone Clipper

6250 - Cross Bone Clipper

Series: Pirate
Original Release: 1997
Original Price: $33.00

Current Value
Unopened Condition: $95-$100
Assembled Condition: $49-$75

This tiny clipper is the smallest Lego pirate ship ever made. As a result, it has not favored well with collectors. The original Lego Pirate Captain, who commanded the legendary Skull's Eye Schooner, has been reduced to commanding a tiny vessel with but two sailors to command. Seems retirement has not gone well for him.

Captain Redbeard's Pirate Ship
Captain Redbeard's Pirate Ship

7075 - Captain Redbeard's Pirate Ship

Series: 4 Juniors Pirate
Original Release: 2004
Original Price: $40.00
Pieces: 131

Current Value
Unopened: $40.00-$50.00
Assembled: $8.00-$40.00

Made as a young kid's pirate ship, this set contains all the basic pirate elements including cannons, a ship's wheel. Yet this set comes with giant figures that are very disproportionate to the set itself.

Brickbeard's Bounty
Brickbeard's Bounty

6243 - Brickbeard's Bounty

Series: Pirate
Original Release: 2009
Original Price: $99.99

Current Value
Unopened Condition: $100.00-$195.00
Assembled Condition: $60.00-$100.00

As a newer set, the Brickbeard's Bounty will not fetch much above its MSRP. But the set as a whole is a delight. 592 pieces and 8 minifigs make up this impressive ship. It comes complete with five cannons, a lifeboat, mermaid figure head and a redesigned shark. One of it's minifig's is a damsel in distress!

Imperial Flagship
Imperial Flagship

10210 - Imperial Flagship

Series: Armada
Original Release: 2010
Original Price: $180.00
Pieces: 1,664

Current Value
Unopened: $200.00-$350.00
Assembled: $175.00-$220.00

The reign of the Skull Eye's Schooner as the largest ever Lego pirate ship finally came to an end in 2010 with the release of the second generation imperial flagship. The first three mast Lego ship, this set sports ten cannons and nine minifigs. For the first time, there is a captain's daughter and two decks!

Armada Flagship
Armada Flagship

6280 - Armada Flagship

Series: Armada
Original Release: 1996
Re-release: 2001
Pieces: 284
Original Price: $49.99

Current Value
Unopened: $90.00-$125.00
Assembled: $11.00-$90.00

While criticized to be too small for a flagship, this set is well balanced. It comes with three minifigs, a ships wheel, anchor, rudder and a treasure chest. It is the only ship to feature a white hull which makes it stand out nicely against the over vessels. It was re-released in 2001 as part of the legends collection.


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    • profile image


      6 months ago

      I have the Skull's Eye Schooner and original Imperial Flagship in a huge box of legos somewhere at my parents house. The Skull's Eye was my most memorable Christmas present I ever received....I think I am going to pull them out and try to rebuild them.

    • profile image


      15 months ago

      I also have the Renegade Runner.

    • profile image


      17 months ago

      Maybe you can help. I sorting 5 large bins of my son's Legos to sell. The pirate ship was almost totally assembled but not the captains cabin yet. All the instructions for his sets were lost in a flood so I am not quite sure which pirate ship I have. It looks like 6286 and has all the pieces of 6286 but when I look at the photos online it doesn't match exactly. (I found the instructions online). This ship has a cargo hold below and a black deck above the hold and cannons and an extra mast that is in square opening into the cargo hold. There is no skull and crossbones on the cloth flag. Any ideas?

    • profile image


      19 months ago

      I want all of those Lego sets

    • profile image


      23 months ago

      I’m sorry, it was the Black Seas Barracuda.

    • profile image


      23 months ago

      I have a Black Beard Barracuda from the 90’s. But I bought a display model. It was put together and in a plexiglass box. Any ideas on value??

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I was/am ^^ a lucky owner of the Skull's Eye Schooner. but multiple parts are missing I think and some masts are broken :(

      But it was until the end of my Lego-playphase my favorite set and one of the most wonderful presents of my Grandma :D

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I had the original Black Seas Barracuda as a kid. Wish I still had it. My dad and cousin spent all night building it for my birthday.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      It's cool my all Lego

    • profile image

      Winston Ponsamy 

      3 years ago

      the red beard runner will always have a special place in my childhood. it was the first pirate set released in South Africa. It cost a lot in 97' terms and I had to plead with my dad to get it. I must have spent a whole year playing with it. Thx for the post Jason

    • Geekdom profile image


      7 years ago

      I previously read your Blacktron Hub. Always fun to read about old toy from our childhood.

      You should link your related hub topics in the group section found on the right side of your hub editor next to the summary tab. I have found it a great way to get people to jump from one hub to the other when they are interested in a topic I write a lot about.

    • jasonponic profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Ponic 

      7 years ago from Albuquerque

      I did the very same thing!

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      7 years ago from Sunny Florida

      My grandson spent hours playing legos when he was young. He use to save his little bit of an allowance so he could buy more.


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