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Tiny Letters From the Tooth Fairy

Tiny letters from the Tooth Fairy.

Tiny letters from the Tooth Fairy.

Under the Pillow

When I was little I loved it when I lost a tooth!

As most children know, for every tooth you put under the pillow, the Tooth Fairy will come and leave a little something in exchange for taking it.

I was fascinated by the Tooth Fairy and always imagined her as a beautiful tiny creature with wings and a tooth wand, of course.

Once when I was little, I wrote the Tooth Fairy a letter asking for her picture. I was delighted to find a miniature letter under my pillow (along with a few quarters, which I also was delighted about) in the morning. The letters were tiny and curly, exactly what you would expect a Tooth Fairy's handwriting to look like!

She politely told me in her letter that she couldn't have pictures taken of her, but I was still astonished that she had replied at all. It was a magical moment and a fond memory I keep close to me.

An example of a letter from the Tooth Fairy.

An example of a letter from the Tooth Fairy.

Tiny Post

One whimsical way to keep the magic of the Tooth Fairy alive for your children is to write letters and include them with her gifts under the pillow.

  • First imagine what you think a Tooth Fairy would be like.
  • Is the Fairy a boy or girl?
  • Perhaps blue or purple?
  • Little or Large?
  • Does the Tooth Fairy have glitter or sparkle?
  • Does he or she have a name?
  • Maybe your Tooth Fairy even glows or takes on the shape of your child's favorite animal!

Try to incorporate these things into the letter itself.

For example, use a colored pen and just a touch of glitter to represent fairy dust. One of the best things about receiving my letter was how tiny it was! You may even consider printing the letter from the computer and using a very tiny cursive font. The smaller the better, just make sure you can read it!

A Tooth Fairy coin or token.

A Tooth Fairy coin or token.

Magical Moments

There are many quick and simple ways to add a touch of magic to the special moment when a child loses a tooth.

Along with incorporating a tiny note from the Tooth Fairy, you can leave other fun "clues" that a fairy has been there.

  • Adding just a touch of glitter to a dollar bill or some coins will make them seem even more magical.
  • Use a thin layer of adhesive and a dash of sparkly glitter.

Another fun thing to do is leave tiny glitter footprints on your child's bedside table.

  • To do this, first cut out the feet shape on a piece of paper.
  • Lay the paper on the flat surface, and then sprinkle over the glitter.
  • Carefully lift up the paper template to reveal fairy footsteps!
  • Or perhaps leave a miniature fairy wand behind that can be made out of a toothpick and bead at the top. Let your imagination and playful creativity shine through.

If you would like to avoid using money or wish to incorporate a gift, consider what small items the Tooth Fairy may leave behind. Perhaps a pretty tinted chapstick, a plastic ring, stickers, or a packet of hot chocolate. You can choose an item that will best fit your child's age and personality. Keep Tooth Fairy visits easy and avoid extra trips by having a few of these items on hand.

The Tooth Fairy tradition is one that you can have fun with and know you are creating a special memory for your child.

A five-dollar bill with Tooth Fairy glitter.

A five-dollar bill with Tooth Fairy glitter.

A Tooth Tradition

Creating a Tooth Fairy tradition can be joyful and engaging. Consider the following mini-projects and ideas to enhance your child's experience.

1. Decorate a small box together with paints, jewels, and stickers. Designate this box just for lost teeth.

2. Leave out a special treat for the Tooth Fairy, such as a few chocolate chips or tiny cup of tea.

3. Assist your child in writing their own letter to the Tooth Fairy.

4. Save any letters and give them back to your child when they are older.

5. Draw pictures with your child of what you each think a Tooth Fairy might look like.

6. Make up a story about how or why the Tooth Fairy collects children's teeth. Alternatively, ask your child what her or she thinks happens.

A gift and letter from the Tooth Fairy.

A gift and letter from the Tooth Fairy.

Questions & Answers

Question: Does the tooth fairy sometimes give surprise dolls?

Answer: Since the tooth fairy is of your own creation, it can be and give whatever you like! Dolls are a wonderful idea for a surprise.


Lola on September 20, 2018:

Last time i lost a tooth i

I wrote a letter and gave her a present in the morning when I woke up I looked under my cushion and there was 3.£

Hayley Meakin on December 06, 2013:

Do u do little letters from Santa?

Sarah O'Brien (author) from Pennsylvania on May 26, 2012:

@ alissaroberts: Thank you so much! I hope your son enjoys receiving a letter from the tooth fairy as much as I did! :)

Sarah O'Brien (author) from Pennsylvania on May 26, 2012:

@ joaniebaby: Your "tooth fairy pillows" sound so precious and sweet! I love the saying that you stiched onto them! I hope you have fun making tiny letters :)

Alissa Roberts from Normandy, TN on May 26, 2012:

This is the cutest idea ever! I am so doing this the next time my son loses a tooth. He is going to love it! Thanks for the idea - voted up and awesome!

joaniebaby on May 26, 2012:

What a special idea. Am wondering why more people haven't thought about doing this--just like a letter to Santa. When my children and grandchildren were young, I made "Tooth Fairy Pillows" with little pockets on the front and put them on their bed. Cross-stitched on the pillow was the following: "Dear Tooth Fairy. In this little pocket you will find a teensy tiny tooth of mine. So while I sleep where dreams are made, let's see if you can make a trade." These were always favorites. Thanks for your miniature letter idea.

Sarah O'Brien (author) from Pennsylvania on May 26, 2012:

Thank you and you're welcome! I think anyone, even if they are older would still appreciate a miniature letter! hehe I hope you have fun making them :)

SmartAndFun from Texas on May 26, 2012:

Adorable! I love this idea! I Wish I would have seen this when my kids are younger. Thye no longer believe in the tooth fairy, but I just might do this the next time one of them loses a tooth, anyway. Thanks for sharing this cute idea!