How to Grocery Shop With Twin Babies

Updated on November 3, 2019

Shopping with infant twins may be something you haven't given much thought to before now. Of course there are plenty of options to get the shopping done. You can delegate the chore to someone else, you can find a babysitter and go by yourself, and some stores, like Walmart, have baskets with two built-in seats designed for babies. However, not everyone has babysitters and grocery runners at their beck and call, and most stores have a limited amount of specially designed double seat baskets. Even when they do, they aren't conveniently located in the parking lot basket return.

It's possible, with the right car seats, to fit them both into a grocery basket, but it doesn't leave much room for the things you need to buy. Depending on where you're going to shop, baskets aren't always readily available from your parking spot.

Safely trying to carry two car seats at the same time with infants in them is easier said than done—especially so during your recovery time. I will share with you, from experience, a few options to help make your shopping trips go smoothly.

Using A Double Stroller

Every parent of twins should own a double stroller. You can trust that it is an item you will get years of use out of. When my twins were infants, I used my double stroller to shop with. I know some parents of twins push their stroller and pull their grocery cart behind them or vice versa, but if you keep your lists fairly small, it's not necessary. Most double strollers have a basket beneath them that will fit a considerable amount of items. You can also bring your own grocery bags and hang them from the handles of your stroller. You'd be surprised by how many items you can get this way. Using the stroller is a nice way to shop because you can put your babies into it directly from your vehicle.

Carry Twins in a Moby Wrap

Another option is a twin carrier that lets you wear your twins. These wraps are a decent price and are nice to have while at home too. With two babies fussing to be picked up and held, having a carrier will help you be able to hold both babies at the same time while having your hands free to get other things accomplished as well. They can be used as a form of tummy time to avoid flat spots too. Wearing your twins on your grocery trips will give you the luxury of filling your shopping cart to full capacity. The Moby has several different configuration possibilities. Wearing baby has other benefits too. There is a video below demonstrating one of the many ways to wrap twins in the Moby.

How To Wrap Twins in a Moby

Binxy Shopping Cart Hammock

A great deal of space can be taken up by only a case of bottled water, and a couple of packages of diapers. Place a carseat in the back and one onto the front of your shopping cart and there just isn't enough space for all the groceries you need to buy. You're not going to be able to use your stroller for every shopping trip. Perhaps you don't feel comfortable wearing the babies in a wrap. Binxy Shopping Cart Hammock is a great product to assist you in your grocery shopping when you have twins in tow.

The Binxy shopping cart hammocks are designed for newborns up until they are able to sit unassisted. I wish I'd known about these when my twins were babies. I bet babies enjoy them to; it seems like a baby riding in one of these hammocks would have a great view of the store and all the people. You know how babies love observing their surroundings. They look really comfortable too and conveniently fold up small enough to fit in a diaper bag for storage when not in use. Plus you wouldn't have to worry too much about what germs your shopping cart is covered in. The Binxy shopping cart hammock is machine washable. You simply throw it in the washer on the cold setting and lay it out flat to air dry. Using two of these for twins will allow you to shop with a regular shopping cart.

The Binxy shopping cart hammock attaches securely across the width of the back of your shopping cart. You can then either buckle babies into them or you can buckle their car seats into them. Babies can either ride side by side or they can be positioned where they face one another. Because the shopping cart hammocks are elevated, there is space beneath the babies for groceries. Granted the storage beneath the babies would be for smaller items, but any extra storage you can gain in your shopping cart is a big bonus.

For Older Babies

The Buggy Bench Shopping Cart seat is a great choice for older babies. These are designed for babies age 8 months to 48 months. It's a great product not only because you only need one, but because it's affordable and you can use it on babies up to 48 months old. One twin can ride in the front seat of the basket, and you attach the Buggy Bench Shopping Cart seat into the back of the basket for the second. The child is elevated off the bottom of the basket so some smaller items can fit beneath them, though I wouldn't suggest eggs or bread under their feet.

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Those are a few of the ways grocery shopping with your twin infants can be done. I hope the ideas I provided were helpful.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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