How Brain Cells Change During the Teenage Years

The adolescent brain is growing and creating new pathways for thoughts. The brain is changing throughout adolescence, with some brain cells being eliminated and other pathways maturing. Stress and diet can play a role in the devolopment of the brain. This article spells out the process.


How to Connect With Your Rebellious Teenager

As our kids turn into teens, it can feel as if the childhood connections we formed with them all but disappeared overnight. And, understandably, many parents grieve that loss. But adolescence isn’t the end of an old relationship — it’s the beginning of a new one.


120+ Conversation Starters for Teens

When it comes to chitchat, teenagers often have a lot to say. Usually all that's needed is something to spark the conversation. This list provides 120+ conversation starters that are sure to inspire great discussions with the teen in your life!


Inside the Teenager's Brain

New research shows that the brain is still developing in teenagers. The implications of this are discussed, along with some tips for good communication during the teenage years.


Rethinking Back Talk

Many parents report back talk as a behavior of concern. Learn what really constitutes back talk and how to encourage your child to express themselves in a respectful, healthy way.


How to Start Volunteering as a Teen

Volunteering helps teens become more involved in their community, explore their interests and gain valuable new skills. This article looks at volunteer opportunities for teens, along with the benefits and challenges.


Drug Abuse in Teens

This article discusses drug abuse in teens, addiction, drug abuse statistics, rehabs, and other drug abuse facts. The information is based on research and on personal experiences and interviews with teenagers. Written by a retired high school teacher.