My baby girl is five months old. Occasionally, I used to give her a bottle, but for the last one & half months, she has suffered from a viral fever. So I stopped for a while. But at present, she is completely reluctant to take a bottle of milk. She is completely depending upon breast milk. I've tried Similac Comfort numerous times, but till date no improvement. How can I give her a bottle of milk?


It's really important to see a pediatrician if your baby is sick and won't take a bottle. Sometimes a baby won't take formula like Similac, but they will drink pumped breastmilk. Try pumping and feeding her breastmilk in a bottle. It can be challenging to get a baby to take a bottle, the distract and feed method in this article has worked for numerous people. We highly recommend trying it with a healthy baby.

Updated on January 16, 2018

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Three Ways to get a Breastfed Baby That Won’t Take a Bottle to Drink
By Paul Edmondson