My dad is a good dad, but not from the way I see it. I am really close with my mom, and he is always making her do stuff while he does nothing at all. It is all about what he wants and what he does, and I hate it. He is so critical; always taking things too far. Never has he abused my mom or me, and I think my parents do love each other. I get so angry when he walks in the room because he always wants people to revolve around him. What should I do?


You can see there are lots of good things about your dad, so he doesn't deserve to be hated. I can see that you don't like him being critical, and you think he wants to be the focus of attention, but that's not a good reason to get angry every time he walks in the room.

I wonder if perhaps you are competing with your dad for attention, and you want the focus to be on you. That's pretty normal for a teenager, but instead of being jealous of him I think you should try and become closer to your dad. Share the attention.

Surely you could give your dad some attention and then ask him to do something with you. If it doesn't work, then just be grateful that you don't have the kind of rotten father most of the other kids who write her have to suffer with. Try and see the good things in your life. You're actually pretty lucky to have parents who love each other.

Updated on April 5, 2018

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I Hate My Dad — Trouble at Home
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