My dad never loves my mom and me. He always threatens us for no reason. When he is at home, he keeps chatting with other people (especially ladies). My mom doesn't like that, and when she asks about it, he starts swearing. It makes us feel bad. We can complain to police but to keep his image good in society, we don't. So please suggest what we should do?


I'm not sure if the police would get involved unless your father is actively violent towards you or your mom. But if he is violent, you should certainly go to the police.

If your dad is so concerned about keeping his image good in society, perhaps your mom (or your grandparents) could have a talk with him about improving his behavior at home. If he wants to be viewed as a nice and respectable man, he should behave himself at home. The truth has a way of catching up with us all, and one day people will know what he's really like.

Updated on April 5, 2018

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I Hate My Dad — Trouble at Home
By LongTimeMother