My nineteen-year-old daughter has started stripping. How can I talk her out of it? She is headstrong and hard headed.


We all do stupid stuff when we are young. Hopefully, that stupid stuff doesn't follow us into adulthood by way of the internet, and or unwanted pregnancies. What I would tell you is that you need to sit down with your daughter and have a serious conversation about what it's like to meet a decent man who when he finds out she was a stripper won't ever call her again. Or, what it's like to run into someone who saw you strip in a public setting (like your kids' principle). As well as what happens when someone posts a photo of you up online, and you can't get it removed, or what happens when you have a creepy guy follow you home from the club. These are all real things that happen to strippers. Do they make good money, sometimes? Is it worth doing the walk of shame the rest of her life? It's her decision. I can tell you from counseling prostitutes; stripping is the gateway to prostitution and drugs. Not to say that all strippers do this, but it goes with the territory. There are probably interviews with strippers online who talk about what it's really like. I would find those and remind her that at some point she will have to stop stripping (there are no 50-year-old strippers, I hope). What is she going to do after that? How is she going to put that on a resume for another job? These are all things she needs to think about. Go get her mom!

Updated on April 15, 2018

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Adult Children—When to Help and When to Let Them Learn
By MD Jackson MSIOP