My son wanted to do the milk and soap experiment to see which soap did the best design. Is this a good stem project for 4th grade?


In fourth grade, students are generally able to follow a scientific method mostly on their own if their basic experiment leads clear results. The problem with the project you outline is that "best design" isn't really something that can be measured objectively. It would be possible to do this experiment just to see what happens and how different types of soap changes the experiment, but that project would probably work better for K-2 since the goal at that grade is more about exploring and finding out what happens than in carefully predicting. I think that this is not the best project for a 4th grader, but if he still wants to do it, he needs to make some predictions for each soap he tests and then compare the results to his predictions.

Updated on April 12, 2018

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By Virginia Kearney