On the 2nd of December, my partner and I had sex. He pulled out then I took the morning after pill. My period started on the 4th and finished on the 10th. On the 14th I had sex with my ex, but we used a condom. Today is the 22nd of February and I'm 11 weeks and four days pregnant. If the doctor is right, I got pregnant on the 2nd but still got my regular periods. I'm so confused. Is this right?


If you are 11 weeks pregnant now, that means you got pregnant about nine weeks ago, which would be during the middle of December. Pregnancy is counted from the first day of your last period. Usually, two weeks after your period is when you conceive. The chances are that your ex may be the father. Don't forget that many babies are conceived even when people use condoms. I suggest speaking with your doctor again about it and perhaps looking into a paternity test.

Updated on February 23, 2018

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When Did I Get Pregnant or Conceive?
By Marissa

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