What is the effect of me being so harsh on my daughter that i got angry at her for spending $1000.00 pesos?


Many Parents not just yell at their children, but also indulge in verbal and physical violence. When a Parent is constantly angry at a child and scolds him/her even for small things, the child can feel worthless and depressed. Some children may turn aggressive, rebel and constantly misbehave if Parents treat them badly. So make it a point to NEVER take your anger on children. Calm down before interacting with children. If you can reason with the child as to what he/she did wrong and why it is wrong, they would understand. As a Parent, if you are constantly having a problem controlling your anger, I would advise you to seek counseling.

Updated on April 12, 2018

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8 Signs of Bad Parenting That Every Parent Should Know
By Anamika S