Will this preschool situation get fixed if most parents start complaining about preschool?


Without a doubt, parents are the solution to the current problem of academic preschools in the United States and should let their voices be heard. They are the consumers and wield all the power. When they decide to finally take a stand for developmentally appropriate practices (children learning through play, social interaction, and hands-on materials), preschool directors will take notice and change. Preschool directors already know that academic preschools are misguided and go against everything taught in early child education classes. They want to stay in business, though, so they offer what parents are seeking—namely, academic preparation for kindergarten.

Parents today seek academic preschools out of fear. They're worried their children will suffer if they don't attend a preschool that prepares them for kindergarten. Other moms and dads warn them that kindergarten is now what first grade used to be and that many kids begin the school year already knowing how to write their names, count to 100, and recognize the letters and sounds of the alphabet. Parents get scared that their youngster will be placed in the low reading group in kindergarten, feel dumb, and struggle with low self-esteem. While their concerns are not unwarranted, it's never wise to parent out of fear. Good decisions are based on intellect, not emotion.

Most smart and well-informed parents know that a preschool should be play-based. They know it should be about making friends, learning social skills, and discovering the power of team work. They know it should be about curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking and not ABC's, patterns, number recognition, teacher-directed lessons, and workbooks.

Today, though, it takes strong and determined parents to go against the tide of academic preschools and not worry about keeping up with the Joneses who send their kid to a preschool that teaches Mandarin, computer science, and yoga. They must reject what everyone else is doing and chart their own course. They might do this by sending their children to a play-based preschool, doing home-schooling, or setting up regular play dates with like-minded parents. They need to relax about getting their child prepared academically for kindergarten and look at the big picture—getting their child excited about learning.

Thanks so much for your question. Parents in the United States are unique in their desire to have their children grow up so fast and learn so much at an early age. In other countries such as Germany, their preschools and kindergartens emphasize unstructured play. Academics aren't introduced until first grade. Their approach is a lot more respectful of children and how they develop. Hopefully, we'll soon return to that!

Updated on August 8, 2018

Original Article:

Why You Shouldn't Send Your Child to Preschool: A Teacher Explains
By McKenna Meyers

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