Quiz: What Would a Bad Parent Do? Which of These Scenarios Are Examples of Bad Parenting? Quiz Statistics and Answer Key

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Sometimes, when my child tells me s/he's scared or sad or needs a hug...
The correct answer is "I laugh or get annoyed. When s/he acts like a baby, I just can't take it seriously."

I might swear, "party" with alcohol or drugs, or argue loudly with my significant other in front of my kid.
The correct answer is "I've done this on many occasions."

I lose control and end up swatting, grabbing, or shaking my kid.
The correct answer is "This happens often. I'm just so stressed out, and my kid needs to learn a lesson."

I think one of my kids turned out better than the other.
The correct answer is "I like one kid better, and they both know it."

I think my kids should always ask for permission before they do anything.
The correct answer is "I always demand respect and obedience."

In terms of money...
The correct answer is "I often overspend on something we don't need and end up without the funds to pay the bills at the end of the month."

When my kids grow up...
The correct answer is "They will never be responsible enough to do everything for themselves. They can't manage without me."

If my kid cries long enough or causes a scene...
The correct answer is "I'll probably buy him/her that candy or toy."