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Dad Masterfully Handles Daughter Spine Chilling Flip Over the Bed

Fast physical and emotional reflexes.

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When a kid falls or has another type of split-second accident, the way a parent reacts can determine the way the kid feels about the whole thing, too. That's why it's so important to keep your cool as a parent, even though it can be really hard. And while you never want to deny what a kid went through, it's all about staying calm and keeping the right perspective, as long as your child is okay. 

This video from @motation83 is the perfect example of how a parent can take a scary situation and react on the spot in a way that both reassures the child and acknowledges that yeah, a scary thing just happened. 

Pretty well done, dad. This video also illustrates perfectly how quickly something like this can happen and how little you can do to prevent something like this (well, assuming the kid won't stop jumping on the bed). The dad definitely thought really quickly; assessed the situation to make sure his little one was okay, and also made sure to remind her: that's the reason you're not supposed to do that stuff. "Had to play this one off in a big way," the dad wrote. "She took off like a [rocket emoji]."

Commenters thought the dad did a great job, noting "Look at that trick!" was actually a perfect response (the dad said in the comments it was just all he could come up with in the moment). 
"Dad win," wrote one commenter. "Action vs. reaction. Normalizing the fall. Tying consequences to the action. WIn. Absolute win." 
"Great reaction. Every seasoned parent knows how you react will determine how hurt you are," wrote another.

Too true. This dad and daughter both learned a valuable lesson!

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